I am a 23 year old virginia-native photographer! I've been pursuing photography for about 3 years, and I currently live in the hampton roads area with my hot & creative husband (also my second shooter woop woop!). We got married November 3, 2018 at my families magical lake house (had a magical photographer: Aubree Belle) and as of May 2019, we began renovating our very first home - a brick cape cod! You can find us painting or tearing down walls on the weekends. My full-time job is in media production as a video editor and producer and I get to work alongside my babe of a husband every single day, who is literally a renaissance man. Also, most importantly, Jesus is everything to me.

Interesting fact: I'm a brain tumor survivor. I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare "giant" (quote my doctor) brain tumor on June 19, 2019 and had surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital on July 24, 2019 to get that sucker out! My condition was called acoustic neuroma - a benign tumor that grows from the auditory nerve. It caused major balance and hearing issues, and impaired many basic daily functions. As a result, I've lost the majority of my hearing in my right ear but have no other deficits doctors predicted. I don't think I've even had the flu before, so you could say having a brain tumor was a massive shock! It's a huge part of my story and love talking about how Jesus revealed his goodness and faithfulness in my life through that journey! Basically, he did a series of miracles and I am FULLY RECOVERED. You can hold me to it, I'm gonna write a book about it one day!

Xoxo, Tess